Every child will want to play with one or all of these moving vehicles. Since they can't drive the real thing, these handmade wooden toy trucks will stimulate their imagination and creativity which can make it all seem real to them. The fine craftsmanship of these solid wooden trucks make them collector items and heirlooms to be passed down through the generations. Many "big kids" will want them for their wooden handcrafted toy collection as well.

Each wooden toy is individually handcrafted and is made with precision and care and each piece is made to last for a lifetime of play or admiration. Designed and crafted for the experienced driver. Our range represents larger, fine-detailed trucks patterned after the actual rigs and heavy equipment seen on highways, roads and on job sites. Trucks are constructed from select cuts of red oak, maple, cedar, pine and poplar, each vehicle has an extensive list of details on both interior and exterior. Including grills, steering console, dashboard, bucket seats, wood turned wheels, mud guards. DENDI's trucks take you out on the road.

There are different styles of wooden trucks and equipment to choose from: the ever-popular semi-trailer, b doubles and rigid in various sizes from 20 centimetres to the largest 2 metres in length .

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